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Affordable Zumo Security Plate Designed and made in the UK

The Affordable Zumo security plate is easy to fit and comes with full instructions, but if you assembled the Garmin Zumo motorcycle mount when you purchased your Zumo then you can fit this plate. It basically fits between your mount and RAM ball.

It features a push to lock RPT lock so you don't need to get the key out to lock it, only to unlock it.

Designed and made in the UK from high quality 3mm aluminium and then powder coated to give it more protection.

All fittings are marine grade stainless steel

Fits Zumo 340LM, 345LM, 350LM, 390LM and 395LM

Click here for Zumo 590LM and 595LM

Garmin and Zumo are trademarks of Garmin Ltd

Affordable Zumo 340/345/390/395 Security Plate

At last an affordable way to secure your Zumo when at the petrol station or while your having that well deserved cup of tea or coffee

Only £38.95 Plus shipping and HandlingOrder yours now!

Disclaimer: This isn’t guaranteed to prevent someone stealing your Zumo, we all know that a determined thief will probably overcome any security device, so with that in mind you should always remove your Zumo when leaving your bike for long periods or if it isn’t within your sight.

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